SwingLogic EFX-1

$9.99 USD

Alignment Made Simple.

Good aim is critical to lowering your score.  Everyone knows it, but most amateur golfers fail to establish good habits and proper alignment.

Alignment sticks have their place, but if you are working on quick alignment with the driver on the course or the range, look no further than the EFX-1. 

Attempting to align your feet, hips, shoulders, and clubs while standing over the ball is almost impossible   Our eyes and perception were not made for this.  Instead, build the same good habits used by top pros.  Stand behind your ball and pick your line before ever addressing the ball.  The patented EFX-1 is the easiest way to know your starting line is on point.   Then simply line up your feet, hips, and shoulders parallel to the EFX-1 and trust  you are aimed exactly where you intend.

Perfect for new golfers of all ages, and helping children establish good habits early on.   Tiger Woods made the gate drill for putting very well known, but many putters now prefer face-balanced putters that are meant to swing straight back and straight through.  Take the face balanced drill to new heights by placing two EFX-1 down during putting practice to give you a visual cue that you are going straight back and straight through.  

Need help with the short game?  Toss an EXF-1 2' in front of your chip shot and then line the grooves up perpendicular to practice starting those chip and pitch shots on the right line.

Need a visual cue for your takeaway with irons on the range.  Place a few EFX-1 alignment aides along the path you are working to create on your take-away.  Use them to train inside out swings for the perfect draw.


Intended as a TRAINING AID, not USGA Compliant for Regulation Play.

Product information


1. Enhanced Sensor Technology: Our sensor installs below the grip, capturing a comprehensive range of motion for improved data accuracy (Pat. Pending). This ensures that you receive precise swing analysis and ball flight data.

2. Realistic Simulation Experience: The simulator incorporates a powerful 32-bit ARM microcontroller and HD Inertial Measurement Units (IMU). It processes your swing motion quickly, resulting in a highly realistic feel during use.