David E R.

”An absolutely TERRIFIC Product”

“The Swingstick is so much fun. Period. 

I've packed this up and taken it with me on driving trips from Iowa to Boston to California and shown it to family and friends. 


Verified Customer

J. Carlson

"FUN PRODUCT and setup is REALLY NOT that hard!"

"This is actually quite a bit of fun. It will keep me swinging in the winter during the cold doing New England nights and will make for some fun competition with my buddies.

Zero complaints or regrets, 5 Stars all around. ⛳️ 👍"

Verified Customer

Kelly A.

"Fast Shipping, Great Price, & Great Communication"

It’s so fun to use, when I first set it up, I accidentally messed it up, so I emailed SwingLogic and within a few hours they emailed us back and resolved the issue.

Super fast shipping and fair price. Highly recommend them.

Verified Customer

indoor golf.

anywhere. anytime

Clip the Sensor onto Your Swing Stick, and You're READY to SWING:
Transform Your Space into the Ultimate Golf Course: Experience GOLF Anytime, Anywhere with SwingLogic's™️ MicroSim.


Everything You Need To Improve Your Swing

Secure Payment - 100% Risk Free Returns



(227 Ratings)

Home Golf Simulator - SLX MicroSim w/ Telescoping Swing-Stick





Secure Payment - 100% Risk Free Returns

Easy and intuitive set-up. No need to allocate a whole room for a golf simulator.

Accurate & in-depth swing analysis. Track Total Distance, Carry, Swing Speed & More.

180 Day Warranty & Hassle-Free returns.


Easy and intuitive set-up. No need to allocate a whole room for a golf simulator.

Accurate & in-depth swing analysis.
Track Total Distance, Carry, Swing Speed & More.

180 Day Warranty & Hassle-Free returns.

Easy to use

Intuitive and user-friendly.
Less set up - more play time. Improve your swing without the hassle.

Compact & lightweight

A realistic simulation experience anywhere, anytime. No need to dedicate an entire room for simulation.

Precise Swing Analysis

Everything you need to record, analyze & improve your swing: See if your shots go long, wide or short in real time.



BASIC PACK: SLX MicroSim + Additional Clips for real clubs (Swing Stick sold separately)


Home Golf Simulator - SLX MicroSim w/ Telescoping Swing-Stick





Microsim Clips, Swing Sticks & Tees

Foam PU Golf Balls (Pack of 21)


SOLID - Swing Stick Pro


Additional Cradles for Real Clubs


SwingLogic EFX-1


5-Course E6 Connect License

iOS & PC

iOS: Additional 5-course E6 Connect License for iPhone or iPad


PC: Additional 5 Course License for E6 Connect using PC


30 Day-Free Returns

180 Day Warranty

3-5 Business Day US Shipping

About Us

Established in October 2021, Swing Logic Ventures emerged from a simple concept—two former oil and gas professionals driven by a profound affinity for golf, along with a tech prodigy proficient in mobile devices.

Blake Jones, a distinguished veteran of the US Army, and Brian Simmons joined forces to foster the growth of Blake's original venture, Divot Island. After fortuitously crossing paths and cultivating a lasting camaraderie, they ultimately partnered with JS Youn, an authority in mobile connectivity and IoT.

Their collective purpose? To revolutionize the realm of golf accessibility by harnessing cutting-edge technology that integrates motion capture, sensors and radar technology to offer never before results that won't break the bank.

The outcome? Swing Logic Ventures embarks on a narrative that extends beyond technology and innovation; it encapsulates friendship, ardor, and a mutual fondness for the sport of golf.

The successful beta launch of our second product became the highest funded crowdfunding golf product in history.

Swing Logic plans to continue to innovate and deliver new products to the market including custom designed mobile applications and training modules to allow golf enthusiasts an easier way to move from just seeing their data, to providing actionable insights and focused training. 

On January 1, 2023 Swing Logic annouced the addition of Joe DiChiara to our team. A golf Digest 40 under 40 instructor with over a decade of expereince in golf technology, 3D motion capture, and coaching.

Thus, if you seek an unparalleled golf experience, your search concludes with Swing Logic Ventures.

Their unique fusion of technology, wit, and genuine passion is reshaping the game, swing by swing.

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