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If you have not redeemed the Product Key provided during initial registration with SwingLogic, and started by creating an account with E6 First...we need to be sure you can find the Product Key issued to you during registration with SwingLogic. If you haven't registered with us yet, then please head on over to our registration site HERE to receive your Product Key. It will be available by logging in to Register/Check In on our website, and is emailed to you from registration@swinglogic.us

E6 Connect Not showing your SLX MicroSim as an option anymore? No worries, that’s an easy fix!

Step 1: Ensure you have the latest version of E6 
 - E6 Connect PC Download
 - iOS App Download

Step 2: Find your Standard Included 5-Course Product Key [sent from registration@swinglogic.us], or go to https://register.swinglogic.us & obtain one.

Step 3: Start the E6 Connect App/PC Program

Step 4: Click on Info & Help

Step 5: Simulator Binding→Unbind

Step 6: Unbinding will force you to choose/redeem your correct license by making you re-enter the program fresh, like the 1st time you setup the account and logged in:

Step 7: You DO NOT want to apply the previous, that one was expired! Hit NO on this choice box.


Step 8: Do a quick scan of your account and make sure you have not already redeemed your SLX-Standard License.

- Click on ALL Licenses & If there are TWO, scan each for these words: “SLX and Tittle Standard License (5-Courses). That is the one you want to Activate if it is present, if it is NOT present, then you must redeem your Product Key.

If your Account has only 1 License, and/or it is expired, it will look like this and you will have to redeem a Product Key.

Final Step: Just select the SwingLogic-SLX or "Tittle” tracker and ACTIVATE!

* E6 is currently working on a bug within their platform, pertaining to occasional dexterity issues in the iOS app and the the SwingLogic-SLX tracker [on PC SLX option works fine]. If you happen to fall victim to this issue, just go back into the E6 settings -> Simulator -> Tracking System -> and select the Tittle tracker [hack for lefties too]!