Troubleshooting - Battery Optimization


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Charging Tip: Use a Standard Micro-USB Adapter

Ensure that you use a standard USB adapter plug-in instead of a "Fast Charging" adapter. The device may not charge properly with higher output "Fast Charging" adapters commonly used with mobile phones.

Battery Optimization: Give Your MicroSim Sensor a Break

  1. Allow your MicroSim sensor to take a break for a full 2 days and nights.
  2. Let it completely drain its battery.
  3. Plug it back in to recharge.
  4. To expedite draining the battery, keep the sensor moving by carrying it in your pocket throughout the day. Double-tap the arrows to wake it up.
  5. After it has stayed dead for 24 hours, reconnect it to standard USB power (5V 1A) and charge it for 1 hour.
  6. As the electronics and battery sync up after waking, the battery will gain more charge and last longer.

Firmware Update: Keep Your Device Up to Date

Ensure your device is running the latest firmware version. Follow the instructions on how to update the firmware here.

Still Experiencing Issues?

If the problem persists, don't worry. Follow these steps:

  1. Try the above method.
  2. If unsuccessful, fill out a Warranty Claim Ticket requesting a replacement sensor.
  3. We'll handle the rest, making sure your MicroSim device is back to performing like a champ.

Remember, we're committed to resolving any issues until you're completely satisfied with your MicroSim device.