Magnetic Holder - Hybrid Mini

$20.00 USD
Color: WHITE

The SwingLogic Magnetic Holder is designed for the SLX Hybrid Mini Launch Monitor. It offers a straightforward solution for supporting your device both on the driving range and on the golf course. With its magnetic base, it can easily attach to golf carts for GPS functionality or stand upright on the range for swing monitoring. The holder is made to fit the SLX Hybrid Mini precisely, ensuring a secure hold. It's built with strong magnets for stability and is both durable and lightweight for easy transport. This holder is quick to set up without needing any tools, making it a practical addition to your golfing equipment.
Color: WHITE

Product information


1. Enhanced Sensor Technology: Our sensor installs below the grip, capturing a comprehensive range of motion for improved data accuracy (Pat. Pending). This ensures that you receive precise swing analysis and ball flight data.

2. Realistic Simulation Experience: The simulator incorporates a powerful 32-bit ARM microcontroller and HD Inertial Measurement Units (IMU). It processes your swing motion quickly, resulting in a highly realistic feel during use.